Much like the way birds innately react to the ebb and flow of weather events, Snowbird Creatives taps into deep awareness and experience to know where to go and when to go there. We use this collective instinct to create intensely meaningful marketing, one piece of quality content at a time.


Candy Osborne
Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction, Content Creation & Writing

Candy is the owner of Snowbird Creatives. She’s a former photojournalist in the Marine Corps and civilian storyteller with more than 25 years of experience creating content and connecting with audiences to elicit desired behaviors. Candy has helped both B2B and B2C organizations to achieve business goals through expertly crafted, original content.

Some of Candy’s creations have been featured as industry benchmarks by Corporate Executive Board, SmartBrief, and LinkedIn. Her eclectic experience spanning print, video, and digital mediums combined with her journalism roots make her a results-driven, content-creating powerhouse.

Born in Florida, snowbird-hopeful Candy likes Bikram Yoga, kayaking, spending time with her family and friends, canning, birdwatching, and getting lost in a great movie or murder mystery book.

Eva Ruutopõld
Creative Direction & Graphic Design

Eva has extensive marketing and graphic design experience in finance, publishing, retail, non-profit, and design agency environments.

She is a passionate visual communicator, able to conceptualize projects, take initiative, and work within the requirements of the creative process. Her expertise includes a solid understanding of the brand assets, strong conceptual skills, excellent knowledge of graphic design applications, image processing, and the print production process.

Eva’s client list includes HSBC Bank, Pearson Education, Fairchild Books/CondeNast, State University of NY at Buffalo, Fisher-Price, Appalachian Mountain Club, Easter Seals, Boys Scouts of America, and Catholic Charities as well as countless small-businesses and start-ups.

Eva likes brainstorming, idea generation and thinking outside the box, experiencing nature, many snow sports, and almost any flavor of ice cream.


Katie Ham
Paid/Organic Search, Advertising & Digital Marketing

Katie is a veteran digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. Industries where she has done extensive work include technology, healthcare, real estate, travel, retail, nutraceuticals, and various service-type businesses.

While Katie’s specialty is PPC marketing, she also has extensive knowledge in SEO, automation, email, content, social media strategy and advertising, reporting, analytics, and WordPress. She can work independently and plan and manage complex marketing project plans and strategies.

Katie has an MBA from the University of Southern Maine School of Business in Portland, Maine.

David West
Web Development

David has been working with Digital Media since the 1980's as a video producer, animator, graphic artist and web developer. He has worked on projects in the fields of defense, medicine, robotics, software development and more for companies such as Raytheon, General Electric, and Hewlett Packard. He is interested in how media affects how we communicate in business, society, and our personal lives.

David is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and enjoys skiing, hiking and being involved with live music.


John Grover

John was born and raised in Massachusetts, not far from the city of Boston. He studied creative writing at Boston’s Fisher college and is a published fiction author and short story writer. He has also written various guest blogs, newsletters, digital ad copy, and catalog headlines for various retail employers. He is a member of the New England Horror Writers.

John is an avid traveler having recently visited Japan, Germany and Austria, Italy, the UK, as well as Vancouver, and other parts of Canada. He loves to cook and learn new recipes as well as try the interesting cuisines of other cultures. He loves animals, sharing his home with two dogs that keep him on his toes and is a huge movie and TV buff. He also enjoys gardening in his back yard, going on nature walks and photographing nature … especially waterfalls. 

For his next adventure he was thinking of starting his own food blog where he would post his successful recipes and write about and critique his favorite food and restaurants. 

Jayme Severance

Jayme grew up in the urban romps Manchester, New Hampshire, and with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Colby-Sawyer College (double minor in English and Sociology), he is an aspiring copywriter with a meticulous eye for detail.

He is also an author secondary to being an internationally-published poet and essayist in several countries, spanning two continents.

In his spare time, Jayme is passionate about cataloging life experiences and crafting ways to incorporate them into emotionally powerful poems. He holds the view that poetry and copywriting -- two diametrically opposed schools of thought -- are two sides of the same coin; both require conveying an image using a limited amount of words to elicit an emotional response.