Content marketing has become a lucrative area for businesses of all sizes to seek greater engagement and stronger relationships with prospects and customers. With content marketing, organizations can have a greater impact on sales and revenue with less spend than traditional marketing tactics. In fact, many businesses are assigning a greater portion of their marketing budgets on content marketing, which in turn, is also pushing HR and marketing managers to recruit more professionals like freelance content marketers than ever before.

Good content marketers have the ability to craft words around a specific topic and deliver the final piece in a compelling way that will resonate with the target market. In doing so, the business achieves greater trust and credibility in the eyes of potential customers and strengthens its ability to retain existing customers.

For companies in need of hiring good content marketers or freelancers, here are a few qualities to consider:

1. Genuinely empathetic
One mark of quality content marketing is that the marketer is able to deliver content in a way that can effectively relate to the audience. It doesn’t matter whether the company focuses on a niche market or a mass market. Content marketers should be empathetic and able to understand, at the very basic level, the essential needs, business drivers, likes, dislikes, complaints, content preferences and channels of each persona. These marketers should have a clear picture of the specific person they’re trying to relate to. They also should be able to interact with their audience through highly engaging content for purposes such as directing readers to purchase or take interest in the company’s products and services.

2. A research fanatic
In order for any written content to drive readers to take interest in a product or service, it must be convincing. Customers, now more than ever, are educating themselves and will be quick to compare and contrast the features of the product or service being offered to them with that of a competitor. It’s the job of the content marketers to educate themselves as much as (or more than) the prospective customers and turn the research findings into something that will answer WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) for the reader.

3. Creative and data-driven
Content marketing without efficient use of data from search and SEO is fruitless. On the other hand, creating something that is not creative is well, boring. At very least, content should do any number of things: entertain, educate, inspire, persuade or invite a desired action. A good content marketer should be well-versed in using data to help identify content gaps and opportunities and also be creative and use best practices to create compelling content.

With a rising focus on content marketing comes the need for qualified professionals to strategize and create great content. Consider augmenting your team with a content marketer who is genuinely empathetic, a research fanatic, creative and data-driven.

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