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Milk it! How to Repurpose Content ’til the Cows Come Home

by Candy Osborne on July 28, 2016


If you like to stretch a dollar when it comes to content, keep reading. This post will help you get the most out of what you’re creating to work smarter, not harder. For repurposing, I don’t mean where to distribute the content. I mean the actual content. As in, how many things can you make out of the original content? The obvious reason for doing so is that it is a time saver and will make your efforts go further so that you can focus on creating quality content.

Let’s demonstrate repurposing with some visuals. One day you have jeans. man jeans car_pexels

And then you cuff the legs to make it look like you have a new article of clothing in your

And then you distress them.distressed jeans cuffed_pexels

And finally, when you’re ready to take it to the final level … jhorts.woman jean shorts_pexels

Repurposing content is a lot like this example, except a fashion faux pas won’t be committed and you won’t have to sacrifice the original piece of content to get more out of it.

When it comes to building content with the intention of repurposing, you can take one of two approaches: you can either take a high-level macro-to-micro approach or the opposite, micro-to-macro approach.


Macro-to-micro approach to content repurposing

With this method, you start with long-form content. This can be an in-depth, long blog post (2,000+ words), article, ebook, white paper, webinar, podcast, or other content that is meaty. From here, you chunk out pieces into smaller micro-content.

This is an ebook project I worked on for an elearning client. We started with the ebook as the primary piece of content and then we had a field day with all the micro pieces. I want to say this was around 10,000 words, so we had a lot to work with.

cloud based elearning ebook cover

Here are just some of the pieces we took out of it:

This type of a build requires strategic forethought, serious resources, and expertise in pulling off. For this specific example, there were more than a dozen contributors.


 Micro-to-macro approach to content repurposing

This is a great approach for patient, strategic, small business owners lacking the financial and people resources of the macro build. This is because when you build as you go, you can reap the benefits of the smaller pieces of content.

I’m working with a client to write a short book on a subject that will benefit his clients. Here’s how we’re building it:

This process will require slight additional editing once all the blogs/chapters are written (to flow in the form of a book) but the bulk of the work will be done once all the blog posts are completed.

You can repurpose your content in myriad ways. Here are some additional ideas:

If you’re strategic with your content as you build it out,  you will be able to milk it until the cows come home. Happy creating!




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