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How to Write a Blog Post in an Hour

by Candy Osborne on June 30, 2016


It’s 3:47 on June 30 and I’m overdue for a blog post. I thought this would be a fun exercise to write a post in less than an hour to prove that it can be done. Also because I need a post and I think this will be fun. [I will provide updates along the way in real time in brackets for how long it has taken me to write it. It’s 3:48.]

For so many people, writing either doesn’t come easily or it comes across like nails on a chalkboard. A chore if you will. I believe with some discipline and practice, you can write a post in an hour and not feel emotionally drained.

The very definition of “blog” could raise alarms because they come in all shapes and sizes. To some, a 300-word post is enough. For others, those that pay attention to what is shared and why, they will attempt to write a 1,500-word post (or longer) chock full of detailed information worthy of a save and a share.
In the case where you’re pressed for time and a shorter post will suffice, this is the (rough) formula I use:

[3:55 – 3:58 took a call. I was just about to state that in order to do this properly, you should remove all distractions for one hour. I’m behind on my time here but that’s okay.]

So, I’ll answer my two questions. My audience is any reader of the Snowbird Creatives blog. Further to that, writers, marketers, business owners, frog eaters of blogs, or even students may benefit. And the goal is for me to inform and in real time, prove that you can write a blog post in one hour or less.

[Okay, it’s 4:00 and I’m about one-quarter of the way through. Time to outline this puppy. ]

• Defining “blog post” and determining what you can do in an hour
• Formula for success
• Tips
• Pulling it all together

Okay, it’s 4:03 and the outline is done. Time to fill in the points. The outline becomes subheads or sections. Unless they’re too long and you can abbreviate.

Defining a “blog post”
If your goal is to create a rich, 1,500-word post that will be shared for all eternity, you aren’t likely going to pen it in an hour. This exercise is reserved for those who “eat a frog” when it comes to blogging and will likely be in the 300-500 word range. And you might be wondering, “Why would I want to time myself and write a blog post in an hour?” Well, there are a few reasons. My personal favorite reason is because it lets me practice different types of skills, like thinking quickly AND it prohibits perfectionism. Because DONE is better than tweaking something to death. My second reason is because I’m a sucker for anything that will save me time and if can get something done in an hour instead of two, why not?

Formula for success

Is this cheating by posting it twice? Do peregrine falcons nest in Acadia?


[Ok, it is 4:13 and I have been writing for nearly 30 minutes (including taking that phone call). Have to finish filling it all in.]

Pulling it all together
It’s totally possible to write a (short) blog post in an hour and helps if you can do so on a topic you’re familiar with. Remove distractions and allow for imperfections to arise while you do the bulk of the writing. If at the end, you feel your readers will get something out of it, post it. If not, file it away and consider it a one-hour training exercise on helping you to reel in your creative writing process. And reflect on why you’re filing versus posting your blog. Hope this was helpful! This was fun and I might like to try this again but on a completely random topic. Have any ideas?

[Okay, 4:18. I want to go back and see where I can add some links to back my claims – this is the research part. Setting 10 minutes on my timer. I mentioned something about the particular length of a blog and it’s share-ability so I need to grab that stat.]

[Okay, found a great read from Neil Patel and one from Brain Tracy and hyperlinked them. It’s 4:28 and the timer hasn’t gone off. I can see I have spelling errors so I will fix them. I’ll also put brackets to indicate “notes to self” to help clarify for readers.]

[It’s 4:41. I have two minutes to spare AND I took a brief phone call. I have written more than 1,000 words. This is totally possible.]


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