It’s fascinating that in this day and age of go-go-go, people still read – in fact, 1,500 words (or more) is the magic word count to get your content shared most often. (Source: Quick Sprout) Who has time for that? We do!

Maybe you’re a small business owner without a lot of time or a marketer at a larger company with countless meetings and you’re in need of a professional writer who can churn out amazing copy and deliver it to you to post/send/layout/publish, etc. These short and long form copy projects include any of the following: blogs, articles, emails, newsletter submissions, case studies, white papers, ebooks, promotional video scripts, product features and benefits, and more.

Choose our writing services when you already have a strategy or editorial calendar and just need the execution end of things.

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It was a huge help to have a writer of Candy’s skills and solid work ethic.