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It is of paramount importance to stay current on digital marketing trends. As technology evolves, so must you — that means being willing to master and learn new software and technologies as they arise. Those skills need to be kept sharp because the industry is very competitive.

The good news is that trainings and certifications are in abundance, and many are freely available.

In this post, I have compiled a list of worthwhile digital marketing certifications, organizations, and platforms to help you keep your skills sharp.

Institution/ Subject Cost Duration Length of validity Link
Google Garage — Intro to Digital Marketing Free 6-7 hours N/A Google Garage
Google AdWords Fundamentals Free 10-12 hours 12 months Google Partner
Google Analytics and Tag Manager Free 15-20 hours 12 months Google Analytics
Bing Ads Accreditation Exam Free 15-20 hours 12 months Bing Ads Accreditation Exam
HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam Free 3-4 hours 25 months HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam
HubSpot E-mail Certification Free 3-4 hours 25 months HubSpot E-mail Certification
HubSpot Content Marketing Cerification Free 3-4 hours 25 months HubSpot Content Marketing Cerification
Facebook Blueprint Certifcation $150 per exam 2-3 days 12 months Facebook Blueprint Certification
Facebook Ad Certification $150 per exam 2-3 days 12 months Facebook Ad Certification
Social Marketing Training — Hootsuite Free 60 minutes Never expires Social Marketing Training — Hootsuite
Hootsuite Platform Training Free 2 hrs, 30 mins Never expires Hootsuite Platform Training
Social Selling Training — Hootsuite $299 3-4 hours Never Social Selling Training — Hootsuite
Copyblogger Content Marketing Certification Annual Authority Membership: $399

Certification Program: $495

N/A Does not expire as long as authority membership is maintained Copyblogger Certified Content Marketers
University of New Hampshire — Design Certificate Dependent upon which workshops taken Up to 2 years Never expires UNH Design Certificate
University of New Hampshire — Communication Certificate Dependent upon which workshops taken Up to 2 years Never expires UNH Communications Certificate
Southern New Hampshire University — Social Media Marketing Certificate $1,881 Up to 2 years Never expires SNHU Graduate Social Media Marketing Certificate
Great Bay Community College $595 – $3000 20-70 hours Never expires Great Bay Sales & Digital Marketing

When you get one (or more) of these certifications, make sure that you incorporate them into your resume and perhaps more importantly, that LinkedIn profile you may have a habit of neglecting. It really is important, you know. Never mind the knowledge and new skills you will have picked up.

With such a variety of certifications at your disposal, it can be relatively easy to garner the attention of an employer, client, customer, or collaborator with the right one.

Which one is best for you, you ask?

Isn’t that the point of this post? Be on your way to a new certification today!

Do you have one of these certifications? Was it worth your time and/or money investment?

This information is accurate as of June 2018. 

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