The University of New Hampshire’s Department of Professional Development recently held its 2018 Digital Marketing Conference featuring marketers from seven area organizations including the following:

  1. Victoria Cimino, Director, New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development
  2. Allen Finn, Senior Content Marketing Strategist, WordStream
  3. Jessyca Keeler, Executive Director & Karolyn Castaldo, Marketing Manager; Ski NH
  4. Kara Hutchinson, Senior Director of Marketing, Boston Celtics
  5. Kyle Belmont, Social Media Producer & Jill Ketchen, Assistant Producer; UNH Cooperative Extension
  6. Kate Paine, VP of Marketing, NEMO Equipment
  7. Kevin Dunn, Senior Inbound Professor, HubSpot

Here are some of the high-level conference highlights as well as books, marketing tools, and systems mentioned.

Facebook – Live, Canvas Ads & Paid Search

Several organizations shared their success of using Facebook to help promote their products/services. Of particular interest, Kyle and Jill highlighted their Facebook Livestock (Facebook Live for Livestock) show that takes place every other month and has resulted in significant increases in traffic and organic reach.

Other organizations found success with Facebook Canvas ads and geographic targeting parameters for paid advertising to reach a local audience.

Allen shared best practices for using paid search with Facebook for a winning combination. In fact, he says (in not so many words) that the sweet spot is at the intersection of both. You can use Facebook to build an audience that mimics your ideal customer and then use AdWords to target prospects who search for certain high-value terms and have already been exposed to your brand.

This slide above demonstrates the benefits of pairing the two together.

Small Budget Tactics

We heard the importance of leaning on partners, sponsors, and influencers to help promote events and general awareness especially when budgets are restricted. And that success IS possible with limited budgets.

Print & Direct Mail

While multiple organizations shared a decrease or even complete elimination of print magazines and print advertising, another organization continues to use direct mail as a major component of their overall marketing strategy.

Customers as Brand Advocates

With so much focus on obtaining leads, marketers can’t forget how important it is to continue to market to current customers. Jessyca and Karolyn talked about using the power of membership to expand messages both ways in that the organization shares information about its members and in turn, members share the organization’s information.

Maintaining Accurate Data 

Kara shared a trick for updating data without directly asking for the same information twice; ask people to update their preferences form.

Content Best Practices

Kate shared her company’s view on content and its very important place of building audiences:

Content Driven Audience Building

Source: Kate Paine, VP of Marketing, NEMO Equipment

Instead of working in a silo, Kyle and Jill shared how they work with a subject matter expert (SME) Elaina Enzien, Livestock Field Specialist, to develop the content for Facebook Livestock.

Additionally, this slide depicts how they’re able to build trust through authentic and interesting content:

Source: Kyle Belmont, Social Media Producer & Jill Ketchen, Assistant Producer; UNH Cooperative Extension

Source: Kyle Belmont, Social Media Producer & Jill Ketchen, Assistant Producer; UNH Cooperative Extension


Kevin shared several stats all swaying toward consumers preferring one-on-one conversations and companies with chat features enabled.

Messaging as preferred communication channel

Source: Kevin Dunn, Senior Inbound Professor, HubSpot 

Kevin also shared that the use of messaging has surpassed social media by half a billion users which opens the doors for new marketing opportunities to reach prospects and customers where they want to be met. Chatbots are a way for organizations to scale the conversations people want to have.

Cool Quotes Mentioned

“Fight like you’re right.

Listen like you’re wrong.

Once a decision is made,

Get on board.”

– Kate Paine, VP of Marketing, NEMO Equipment, on how the team handles decision-making.

“There is nothing so useless as doing

efficiently that which should not be done

at all.”

– Peter Drucker

“Every post matters.”

– Kara Hutchinson, Senior Director of Marketing, Boston Celtics

Books Mentioned

Marketing Systems/Companies Mentioned

This blog is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge shared and insights gained. Learn when the next digital marketing conference takes place by visiting the Professional Development Program at UNH.

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