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How to use Facebook Live in your Business

Have you been hearing all the hype about Facebook Live but you aren’t sure where to start? Or how it could help your business? Maybe you’re nervous to go Live or you don’t consider technology your BFF. This post will allay your fears and get you pointed in the right direction.

I was in Boston last week near Fenway Park and saw a billboard advertising Facebook Live. It was a tutorial ad that showed how to use Facebook Live in four steps.

It seems that Facebook is doing everything except putting the phone in a person’s hand to get started. But when you throw 50 million dollars at a campaign, you must be pretty serious about getting people to respond.

If you haven’t watched a Live video, you’re missing out. If you haven’t been using the Live video feature, your business could be missing out. That’s in part because people watch live videos three times more than recorded ones. There is something to be said about being in the moment as it is happening. And your business can gain from this added exposure.

Need some ideas?

Check out the Facebook Live map.

facebook live map

At any moment in time, you can see Facebook Live recordings as they’re happening. Better yet, click on some blue dots and check a few out.

I clicked on three and I wasn’t disappointed. I watched a man talk who is representing a food truck company page, I watched a makeup tutorial and I watched a LuLaRoe consultant pitch some product. (I didn’t see my unicorn leggings though or I would have taken action.)

compiled fb live

What an eclectic find. What will you discover on the Facebook Live map?

I went Live on my own personal page recently and watched the numbers as they came in during and after the recording. During the Live video, I had a couple of people watching. No big deal. But within 24 hours, I had over 200 views; at 48 hours I had 250 and at the time of this post, I have close to 270. Folks, this post is about sea turtles. I love sea turtles but it wasn’t a very exciting post. It wasn’t filled with action or an offer or anything controversial. It was a just test. Can you imagine the possibilities if you plan out a Live video, have a clear objective and call to action and promote it in advance?

sea turtles

A personal Facebook Live post on sea turtles garnered an easy 250+ views in just days.


Getting started with Facebook Live

You can initiate Facebook Live as an individual (from your personal page) or from your business page. Hint: you can test incognito from your personal page.

fb live - only me

Record and test privately by selecting “Only me” in the audience selection area.

  1. From your personal page, hit the Facebook Live icon
  2. Choose your audience: Choose “Only me” if you are testing
  3. Type a description
  4. Start the recording
  5. You’ll notice a countdown from “3”and then you’re on

After you’ve tested it and you’re ready for prime time, simply record from your business page, noting the audience will likely already be “public.”

Landscape or portrait mode?

Based on my own experience and trials, I’ve learned that you must choose either a vertical or horizontal display and commit to it for the duration of the recording. If you rotate the video during the recording, it will appear as sideways or upside down to your viewers. See my tests here:

fb live - cam angle test 1

Landscape mode while holding the iPhone (screen facing me) with my right thumb at the home button.

fb live - cam angle test 2

No good. I rotated the phone to portrait mode during the recording.

fb live - cam angle test 3

Back to landscape mode but with the home button to the left (facing me). Maybe this will come in handy for April Fool’s Day?

A note on the audio

It might go without saying but remove distracting audio from the recording area. This could include traffic, music, children, pets, a dishwasher or loud co-workers.

I’ve also found it best if your camera mic works best when you’re capturing video from the main (screen) side. When you flip the image, the mic also flips so if you’re holding the phone and you flip it, know that your audio may be muffled or reduced during the flip.

fb live - cam angle test 4 flip

When you flip the camera (on an iPhone) to shoot facing away from you, be mindful of changes in what the mic picks up when compared to shooting from the main side. (This is my office mate, Ivan. I’m his step mom.)


Additional pointers

Make sure you test first so you reduce some jitters by at least understanding the technology. These tests above were done with an iPhone, so point being, play around with it and test it out on your device before you go live to the public.

Answer these questions before recording:

  • What is the purpose of this session? (Make an announcement? Educate? Entertain? Etc.)
  • What is the action I want viewers to take? (Visit my website? Download a free resource? Ask me questions? Etc.)
  • How will I sign off/end the recording?

In watching videos made by others, I find that people get to the end and sound-off awkwardly. Here are some ideas on how to end your recording:

  • Check out our website at [say the website] for more information. Thanks for watching!
  • Send in your comments and questions and we’ll respond. We go live every [day] at [time]. Until the next time!
  • I’m [your name] of [business name]. Be sure to visit [plug your website here] for a free download on [topic]. Thanks for watching!

Advanced options

If you’ve mastered the art of going live and are ready to up your game, here are some additional ideas you can try:

  • Grant access to others to help promote your business page (without giving them admin access to the page itself)
  • Add captioning to your video
  • Add tags to your video
  • Download your videos and re-purpose them elsewhere
  • Tone down the shakiness by using a tripod and setting it up at eye level
  • Increase your audio quality by using a wireless lavaliere mic


Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketer in a larger corporation, you can take advantage of the many benefits of Facebook Live. With views of live videos three times higher than recorded ones, if you’re not using Facebook Live, you’re missing out. Happy recording!

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