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It’s becoming a frequently asked question among small business owners: “Which email marketing platform should I use for my small business?” What makes it more confusing these days is that there are new platforms being released left, right and center. So how do you find the one that is the right fit for you?

We are taking this opportunity to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard. We have compared two of the top services with the most highly sought after features right here in this post!

As a small business owner you are concerned with running your business and the day to day operations, but you also realize you need to keep people coming to you for business. The truth is, there are so many decisions to make that are out of your primary scope of knowledge and you just want a way to make an informed choice without jumping through hoops or a lengthy process of trial and error.

Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are both user-friendly, cost effective with both free and paid plans depending on your needs. There are many features that are included with both services.

Here is how they compare:

Mail Chimp  Vs. Constant Contact

The Basics:

Lead scoring Lead scoring
Lead segmentation x Lead segmentation
Web activity tracking Web activity tracking x
Personalize web content x Personalize web content
Predictive analytics x Predictive analytics
Bi-directional CRM syncing Bi-directional CRM syncing x
Event management x Event management
Create invoices x Create invoices
Split testing (subj line only) Split testing
Advanced Automation Advanced Automation x
Bulk social media posting x Bulk social media posting
Email reports Email reports
Real-time sales alerts x Real-time sales alerts
Mobile app Mobile app
Social CRM Social CRM
Facebook Ads integration Facebook Ads integration
Google Ads integration Google Ads integration x
Instagram Ads integration Instagram Ads integration


Those are the basics, but let’s look at some more details in a list of pros and cons for each of these services!

Mail Chimp

The Pros

  • Free plan for up to 2,000 (forever)
  • Robust, meaningful reporting with Google Analytics integration
  • 92% deliverability (vs. 71% for CC) – Servers are virtually never blacklisted
  • Better design flexibility in terms of layouts and the ability to upload custom code
  • Unlimited storage for data and images

The Cons

  • Get double charged for subscribers that appear on multiple lists
  • Only offers email support – no phone or messaging capabilities

Constant Contact

The Pros

  • Large library of ready-to-use template as well as design services offered in-house
  • Phone, message and email support provided
  • Unique Event Management tool
  • QR code option that links to your sign-up form

The Cons

  • Limited segmentation and automation capabilities
  • Surface-level reporting based on email stats only
  • More expensive ($65 vs. $50 for up to 5000 subscribers) and no pay as you go option (per email)

Both of these platforms have excellent tools and resources. The best thing you can do is get started! We hope this helps! Need some Guidance? Get in touch with us or leave us a comment!